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Be Clean your school - Improve health and reduce sickness

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School days, School days they should not all be cold and flu days! Regular hand washing, proper vaccination, and cleaning and sanitize surfaces are important to plan of action to keep students and teachers healthy. Make sure every school year is fruitful and healthy by following some key contamination prevention tips. It is common knowledge that the school surroundings affect health and learning.

School communities are progressively becoming places where healthy habits can flourish. The management for teaching children healthy habits does not fall only on teachers though. A healthy School Cleaning Services Bromsgrove involves all partners and sends children the same message in the home, school, and community. Children who take part in a healthy school can make informed, healthy decisions that affect their own lives and the lives of their families.

To stay healthy, teachers and administrators should:

  • Clean and disinfect classroom materials and surfaces.
  • Ask sick students and staff to stay home.
  • Endorse students and staff to get an annual flu shot
  • Provide reminders in daily announcements about averting the spread of germs and illnesses
  • Teach good hand washing practices.

It does not take a lot to create a healthier school. Some changes could include:

  • Presuming vocational education opportunities for teachers and other support staff to teach and promote healthy eating and being active
  • Incorporating healthy eating and physical activity across the curriculum in a fun and creative ways.

Healthy eating

Schools can encourage good nutritional habits by:

  • Developing a school vegetable garden
  • Providing clean, cool-water fountains
  • Developing a whole school food policy
  • Offering healthy foods in school canteens
  • Involving schoolchild and parents in guiding food policy and perform the activity within the school, and enabling them to contribute to healthy eating, and acting on their feedback.

Physical activity

Ways, in which schools can help students to become more energetic:

  • Involving students in decisions about the school environment
  • Scheduling more physical education and physical activity
  • Providing a school environment that encourages being active, for example, adequate playground facilities, access to equipment, walking paths etc
  • Developing a whole school physical activity policy, which encourages all staff and students to be physically active?
  • Providing parents with the opportunity to Industrial Cleaning Company Coventry be involved in the planning and delivery of the physical activity.

Be a role model

Teachers are in a good state of mind to act as positive role models for students, parents and the community. As a teacher, you know that students observe what you say and do very carefully. Any differentiation between your words and your gestures is picked up quickly. This can be frustrating, but keep in mind that students learn by observing and imitate the actions of others. A teacher who makes healthy choices which includes healthy eating and regular physical activity can have a good impact on the health of students, others and most importantly, yourself.

By selecting to eat healthy foods and be physically active, you will find that you are more alert, have more energy, smile more, remember more and generally feel better about yourself.

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